padoka ppa now on bionic (18.04)

Since 18.04 is also an LTS, i’m dropping support for all previous releases, from now on is bionic and the next non-lts release when available.   enjoy.

padoka stable ppa suggested by feral as the best way to play rise of the tomb raider

As the title indicates, Feral (linux game port developers), now recommends the padoka stable ppa when needed in the official steam game requirements page. its always nice to have ones work recognized. stable padoka: unstable (git) padoka: enjoy!

transparency is broken with mesa 18.0.0 and above – testing the fix in padoka ppa

I just find out there is a bug in xorg-core (nothing to do with mesa directly), that breaks the “transparency” because compositors do not know how to handle blending on sRGB visuals. The patch will be in xorg 1.19.7 (and thus in bionic), but not in artful or xenial (AFAIK). I just sent a patched […]