KMPlayer 0.10.0c disponível no repo padoka

O excelente player KMPlayer 0.10.0c está disponível no repositório padoka.


Changes since version 0.10.0b
– Use html page baseurl for resolving urls from the knpplayer backend
– Initialize thread support for knpplayer, makes knpplayer crashes go away
– Second part of set viewarea background to part’s parent background

Changes since version 0.10.0a
– Fix some flash wanting full Url out of a relative Url before streaming data
– Hardcode flash mimetypes in pluginsinfo
– Fix kpart not reading the system global kmplayerrc
– Set viewarea background to part’s parent background for the plugin
– Fix kxineplayer crash when sending the configurations

Changes since version 0.10.0
– Fix npp streams with javascript urls, that never reached the finish state
– Fix memory leak in SMIL image
– Get rid of nspr dependency
Changes since version 0.10.0-pre3
– Fix double scaling of video in a region
– Use XPLAIN again for npp’s GtkPlug embedded in QXEmbed, makes reproducable mouse grab go away

Previous changes in 0.10.0
– Fix unpausing with multi items from playlist
– Compile fix for gcc >= 4.2
– Cairo painting speedups, always round to screen pixel values
– Adjust for timer drifting in SMIL files
– SMIL additions, add AnimateMotion, more transition types, transOut
support, region background image, support Region ‘showBackground’
– Replace -vop with -vf for MPlayer
– Allow per mimetype preferred player backend
– Add npp backend that plays xembed style browser plugins


Enjoy! 🙂

4 thoughts on “KMPlayer 0.10.0c disponível no repo padoka

  1. Joel, o KMplayer apesar do nome , é só um “frontend” para diversos players, no caso o mplayer, o xine e o gstreamer.

    A sua grande vantagem é precisamente a liberdade de escolha em um único programa.


  2. Fala Cleber, tudo bom? 🙂

    Como mencionei acima, o KMPlayer é um frontend do Xine/Mplayer/Gstreamer, então reúne todas as funcionalidades em um único player. Vai de cada um.


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